Tahoe Vacation Rental Help

Tahoe Vacation Rental Help

How it Works

  • TahoeVHRs charges 20% (of net after taxes). Plus $150 security fee, $50 restocking fee and between $100-$500/cleaning depending on the size of the property.
  • Screen guests using AI with the most sophisticated system out there.
  • Employ our “happy neighbor” system and we use noise monitoring in every property.
  • Our revenue manager (with hospitality background) is responsible for helping you achieve your revenue goals.
  • We provide accurate and transparent accounting and reporting through our Owners’ Portal.
  • Marketing – we create a listing on the top OTAs (online travel agencies) such as Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, VacationRentals.com
  • We have a dedicated marketing team responsible for optimizing (SEO) and updating the listings across all OTAs.
  • We have guest support team handling all guest inquires.
  • We take care of your property as if it is our own, so that you receive an high ROI and keep peace of mind.

Lessons we learned about pricing high: those who are looking for a “deal” will always find one. They’re not our clients. We want the cream of the crop, the ones who want the best and are willing to pay for, being completely hands off. There’s nothing worse than an owner with a poorly run and maintained property who expects high ROI and will not allow out team to bring the property up to 5-Star quality. We will not keep these homes in our inventory.

Thinking of renting out your Lake Tahoe home but not sure where to start? Let us help. Join TahoeVHRs’s community of luxury short-term rentals and affordable vacation rentals. We cater to high-end tourists, business travellers, families on a budget and groups of all sizes. As a team of experienced home managers and VHR (Vacation Home Rentals) Hosts, we work around the clock to deliver unmatched service to all of our clients and guests.

Whether it’s a house, condo, penthouse or cottage, TahoeVHRs attracts incredible properties, transforming them into fully-serviced, 5-star vacation rentals. We prepare the properties for guests by offering a variety of perfectly designed and executed short-term rental management services.

The TahoeVHRs experience starts at your front door. Before we onboard your home, we make sure it meets our high-quality standards. If it’s-approved, we take ownership of the entire rental process from booking to check-out. Host high-end and budget-minded guests from around the world without even lifting a finger!

Before guests arrive, each home receives a professional clean from our highly-skilled, professional cleaners, followed by a facelift from our interior design team. We update décor, furniture, lighting and wall color to optimize the space

Our team of hospitality experts crafts a 5-star guest experience, to guarantee memorable stays. But prior to listing your home, we ensure you and your space are safe and secure. All of our properties have in-vacation rental noise sensors that monitor guest activity. If there’s a major and unwarranted spike in volume, we can try to de-escalate the situation by sending a warning to the guest. Worst case scenario, we dispatch our trained security team to handle the situation. No matter what, you and your home will be protected by our dedicated insurance, designed specifically for TahoeVHRs.

TahoeVHRs is committed to getting your vacation rental the exposure it deserves. Our professional photographer captures stunning photos of your home, and our marketing team creates inviting descriptions of the space and neighborhood. We then upload your luxury vacation rental to the top booking sites to start putting money in your hands!

Guests can book through sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, Homeaway/VRBO and, of course, TahoeVHRs.com using their desktop or mobile. We use advanced analytics and competitive data to compare daily rates with nearby hotels and vacation rental providers, ensuring your vacation rental is priced competitively.

To protect your home from fraud and potential damage, our guest support team screens the guests to ensure high quality guests and to weed out the “bad apples”. Prior to check-in, guests are also informed that any violation of rules (partying, over occupancy, loud noise after 10 p.m., etc.) will result in IMMEDIATE eviction.

Thanks to our AI powered check-in service, the guest is free to enter the home as soon as they arrive, keeping the process smooth and easy. With key exchanges a thing of the past, we outfit each vacation rental with a digital lock.

Guests access the vacation rental by sending a simple SMS message and can contact our 24/7 on-demand guest support team with any inquiries or issues. No question is too small; whether it’s how to change the input on the TV or how to turn on the washing machine, we’re here to help.

TahoeVHRs’s service goes far beyond nightly accommodation. We provide guests with additional services like tour bookings, car rentals, grocery delivery, amenities stocking and more. We also include a vacation rental-specific welcome guide that features tips and tricks about the vacation rental and surrounding neighborhood.

Come checkout time, we send in our cleaning team for a post-stay clean. Scouring every crevice and corner, they make sure the home is spotless and guest-ready. The cleaners document their work, leaving no margin for error. Our operations team then inspects the home, ensuring everything meets our high standards. We want our vacation rentals to feel livable, never lived in.

If the guest checks out early, we alert our cleaning team immediately, giving us the ability of offering an early check-in to the next guest. This increases the 5-Str Reviews for our vacation rentals!

At the end of the month, you’ll receive an invoice for your home’s earnings and a detailed report outlining daily rates, occupancy levels, guest information and monthly revenue. We use this report to strategically pinpoint areas of improvement and capitalize on growth opportunities.

At TahoeVHRs, we’re experts in creating exceptional experiences—we do it every day. If you own a home with five-star potential, join our community of passionate vacation rental home owners. Hand over the keys, we’ll take it from here.

Welcome to the TahoeVHRs experience.

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