What is Measure T and is it Legal to Rent Airbnbs in South Lake Tahoe?

Measure T refers to a vacation rental ordinance that was approved by voters in South Lake Tahoe in November 2018. The ordinance aimed to regulate and manage vacation rentals within the city.

The main provisions of Measure T included the following:

  1. Permit Requirement: Vacation rental owners were required to obtain a permit from the city in order to operate legally. This permit established certain criteria that needed to be met, including compliance with specific regulations and restrictions. New Vacation Home Rental Permits are not allowed in residential areas. Measure T requires the phase-out of all VHR permits in residential areas and all multi-family properties over a three-year period, with full implementation of these provisions to occur by December 31, 2021. 
  2. Cap on Permits: Measure T imposed a cap on the total number of permits issued for vacation rentals in South Lake Tahoe. The exact number of permits allowed was determined based on various factors, such as the zoning of the property and its location within the city.
  3. VHR (Vacation Home Rental) Area Designation: The ordinance divided the city into specific zones and designated certain areas as VHR-permitted zones where vacation rentals were allowed, subject to compliance with the regulations. Other areas were designated as VHR-prohibited zones, where vacation rentals were not permitted. Measure T does not affect existing or future VHR permits in non-residential areas[1] (i.e., tourist core, commercial, and recreation zones) of South Lake Tahoe, except for multi-family properties where VHR permits are no longer allowed anywhere in the City. New VHR permits, in compliance with City regulations, will continue to be issued in non-residential areas. 
  4. Occupancy Limits and Noise Restrictions: Measure T also established occupancy limits and noise restrictions for vacation rentals. These provisions aimed to address concerns related to the impact of large groups and noise on the residential character of the neighborhoods.

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