These are the Top 9 Beaches at South Lake Tahoe

Discover the beauty of South Lake Tahoe’s beaches. From pristine sandy shores to crystal-clear waters and stunning mountain views, explore a variety of family-friendly and secluded beaches. Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and water activities at these scenic destinations. Experience the natural splendor of South Lake Tahoe’s beaches and create unforgettable memories by the glistening waters of the lake

  1. El Dorado Beach is a popular sandy beach located in central South Lake Tahoe. It offers crystal-clear waters, stunning lake views, and a range of amenities such as picnic tables, BBQ grills, and restrooms. The beach is wheelchair accessible and hosts events and live entertainment throughout the year. Parking can fill up quickly, so it’s best to arrive early.
  2. Emerald Bay Beach, also known as Eagle Creek Beach, is a picturesque destination located within Emerald Bay State Park on Lake Tahoe’s western shore. The beach offers stunning views of the turquoise waters, granite cliffs, and surrounding forests. Accessible via a short hike from the parking area, it’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. Visitors can also explore the nearby Vikingsholm Castle and enjoy hiking along the Rubicon Trail. Parking may be limited, so arriving early is recommended.
  3. Regan Beach Regan Beach is a popular family-friendly beach on the southern shore of Lake Tahoe. It features a sandy shoreline, stunning lake views, and amenities like picnic tables and BBQ grills. The beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking, with a children’s playground nearby. It also hosts various events and offers convenient parking.
  4. Zephyr Cove Beach: Located on the Nevada side of the lake, Zephyr Cove Beach is a popular choice. You can relax on the sandy shore, rent paddleboards or kayaks, or even take a scenic cruise on the M.S. Dixie II paddle-wheeler.
  5. Pope Beach: This beach is known for its picturesque views and family-friendly atmosphere. It offers a wide sandy shoreline, picnic areas, and BBQ pits. You can also rent paddleboards and enjoy various water activities.
  6. Baldwin Beach: Situated on the southern shore, Baldwin Beach is a local favorite. It features a long stretch of sandy beach, calm waters, and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. There are also picnic tables and restrooms available.
  7. Nevada Beach: Located on the Nevada side, Nevada Beach offers a peaceful and serene setting. It has a wide sandy beach, picnic tables, and BBQ grills. It’s a great spot for a relaxing day by the water.
  8. Lakeside Beach: Situated right in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, Lakeside Beach is easily accessible and offers stunning views. It has a sandy beach, picnic areas, and a playground for kids. You can also rent kayaks and paddleboards here.
  9. Kiva Beach: is a beautiful dog-friendly beach located on the California side of South Lake Tahoe. It features a sandy shoreline, clear waters, and stunning mountain views. Accessible via a short trail from the parking area, it’s a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. Remember to bring your own supplies and follow posted regulations.

To access the Lake, many of these beaches have parking lots available for a fee. Some may require a short walk from the parking area to the beach. Additionally, you can often find public access points along the shoreline where you can easily reach the water. Just be sure to follow any local regulations and respect the natural environment.

So, pack your sunscreen and beach gear, and get ready to enjoy the incredible beaches and access to the breathtaking Lake in South Lake Tahoe!

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