Have you always dreamed of visiting Lake Tahoe but don’t quite know where to start or what you would once there? Looking for a site with information on how to acclimate to altitude or what weather forecast to go to? Wondering what to do if you see a bear or coyote? Look no further than here!

‘How to Tahoe’ is your go-to resource for planning a trip to South Lake Tahoe or simply seeking some local advice. It helps answer questions on how to get here, how to enjoy Tahoe, and tips on how to enjoy the great outdoors properly.

We want to set you up for success in regards to Lake Tahoe; whether you have questions regarding how to get here, how to adjust to altitude, how best enjoy the 4th of July or hiking with your dog, we have put together lists of tips and pointers straight from our genuine local perspective. If you think we’re missing something, please feel free to reach out: get help we’d love to hear how we can improve the visitor experience and prepare you for your best possible Lake Tahoe vacation. 

Expanded information on main categories and multiple sub-categories can be found below:

Responsible Tourism – Take Care Tahoe

“While the new buzzword circulating around the world is over-tourism, recognition needs to be placed on the need for responsible recreation. Get out and enjoy nature, yes, leave behind your waste and trash, no.” Read Article Here

How to get to lake Tahoe How To Get Here

How to Drive to Tahoe in the Winter – Winter Driving Tips for Tahoe

Where to go Sledding and Tubing in Tahoe – Tahoe Sledding

What to do in Tahoe when weather is bad – Rainy Day Activities

Lake Tahoe Hiking and Biking Trails

Many of the towns around Lake Tahoe’s shores are easy to explore on foot or by bike. The surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains are also filled with hiking trails. Make sure to pack comfortable shoes (and snow boots!). Check out Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition’s interactive map for more information on Lake Tahoe’s walking and biking trails. Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition 

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