After the Guests Depart – Check-out Cleanings

When vacation rental guests are getting ready to check-out, it is not uncommon that they leave in a hurry, sometimes items are forgotten and small messes may be left behind.

The busy morning has them focused on getting packed, preparing children for travel, and often having to prepare meals too!

This means that for the vacation rental cleaners, there may be more trash, dishes, and dirty laundry left behind.

Toys or clothing get left under the bed. A dirty plates gets left in the living room. Muddy footprints get tracked through the house as they check one last time that they didn’t forget anything.

This is why it’s especially important to double-check these little details if there is limited time before the next guest arrives.

  1. Check under the beds
  2. Open dresser drawers
  3. Look for spills and smudges on kitchen appliances
  4. Check refrigerator and freezer for leftovers
  5. Clean hair out of the shower and tub
  6. Look for handprints and smears on glass doors
  7. Clean out toothpaste or other dried-on products from bathroom sinks
  8. Shake out all interior and exterior floor mats
  9. Pull garbage in kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms
  10. Finish washing dishes guests may have missed
  11. Take a look at your own vacation house after guests leave: is there anything you should add to this list

Off Season Deep Cleanings

Maintaining a vacation rental home takes planning and regular Deep Cleans.

Vacation Rental Homeowners should plan on a scheduled “Deep Clean” at least once every season.

It is much more overwhelming and expensive to get the property ready for guests if it becomes rundown over time due to disrepair.

You will save a lot of time and money if you maintain and do regular check-ups on the condition of your home. This is best done during the off-season. This will ensure not only the comfort of your guests, but your piece of mind as well.

Check every week

  1. Sweep off porches and balconies
  2. Ensure that the plumbing is working properly throughout the house. We schedule plumbers to clean out the sewer clean-outs at least twice a year.
  3. Check that there are no burnt out light bulbs, including exterior lights and safety lights.
  4. Pull weeds in the pathway and driveways.
  5. Trim back overgrown trees, shrubs or flowers
  6. Schedule regular rodent/pest control.

Check every month

  1. Open up all doors and windows to air out the house
  2. Dust all of the furniture and decor
  3. Wipe away cobwebs from walls and corners
  4. Clean behind stove, washer/dryer, and refrigerator
  5. Clean under and behind sofas, chairs, and living room furniture
  6. Dust all blinds and launder curtains.

Check every year

  1. Spot clean marks on walls
  2. Treat stains in upholstery and carpet
  3. Touch up chips in the paintwork
  4. Treat scuffs on wood furniture
  5. Wipe down kitchen cupboards inside and out
  6. Take a look at your own vacation house: is there anything you should add to this yearly list?

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