Affordable Tahoe Vacation Rentals - Budget Friendly Airbnbs

Find cheap rates, affordable vacation rentals, and good deals on Lake Tahoe Vacation Home Rentals with Tahoe VHRs and make your budget go further.

We have put together our favourite curated selection of vacation home rentals for travelers on shoestring budgets. Some of the rentals are operated by TahoeVHRS and others are owned/operated by our friends. We have personally visited all of these homes and have only included homes that we would rent ourselves.

To be included in this list…

All homes have to be:

  • Professionally cleaned and stocked (that includes towels/linens)
  • Have five star reviews
  • Have “Super Host” status
  • Offer “Shoulder Season” rates and Last Minute Discounts.

Below are 12+ homes that can be rented on a shoestring budget, so that those photos on Instagram could also be yours.

We have also included some tips on How to Travel to Tahoe on small Budgets!

Browse unbiased reviews and photos for our affordable rentals at Lake Tahoe

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